Stay Still: An Inspirational Thought (Reposted from the archives)

Sometimes God just wants us to be still, stay at the center of his will and pray, pray until we get an answer and sometimes the more you pray the more the question will change, the trust grows what you thought you wanted or needed becomes secondary and you begin to praise simultaneously for what you have, for the faith that you will always have all that need and you praise for the things that you didn’t get/keep because they would be in direct conflict to the life you deserve.

Sometimes God wants us to grow in HIM and let him grow in us, for our betterment and greater good. Sometimes that is not easy, sometimes you cannot go where you used to go, do what you used to do, this is not punishment this is something greater than yourself moving and working for your peace and preservation.

Sometimes God has to take things away so your hands are empty to receive what you are actually supposed to have which undoubtedly will be bigger, than what you currently hold. Sometimes we make God fight with us, we hold onto things that are familiar, comfortable, safe. We hold onto the things we understand, things that are tangible and tactile to our senses, not realizing that God sees all, sees the future, knows our past and moves things in the fullness of his vision. Sometimes you have to let God be your lens-crafters, sometimes you have to be willing to be a little bit uncomfortable now, to be abundantly blessed later, sometimes you have to do the work of letting go so God can do the work of redeeming/saving/building/crowning/ us.

Sometimes we have to remember that fear is the enemy to faith, and the more we are afraid of change, the more we are afraid of letting God work. Sometimes you will lose friends, relationships, and jobs because God has to move you from where you put yourself to put you where you are supposed to be.  Sometimes you need to make space in your life, to stop trying to fix it so it can actually be fixed, to stop opening your mouth in doubt and instead open your mouth in prayer.


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