Believing in your being, not your doing


I spend a lot of time being concerned with how I am going to do things that I want and need to do. At these times I become the most wholly unproductive and if I’m not careful I become unfocused, insecure, and depressed. 

The problem is that I am looking to quantify myself by tactile measures of success that come by doing. When I put rigorous, difficult, and overwhelming  “goals” on myself I sometimes…oftentimes am crushed under the weight and question myself harshly and often unnecessarily because I have not done what I feel I should done in whatever given time period. 

The issue with that is confusing my value as a person as a being as writer as a speaker based on the value of what I have done. Don’t get me wrong this is not my endorsement of inaction, this is not an endorsement of not living up to your potential or not accomplishing things. I am saying that in being and learning how to be without depending on what you do.  

For me when I shift my believing into who I am, and acknowledge my faith more than an outward symbol of accomplishment things work in my favor and for my greater good.  It is imperative to my life that my core belief in a higher power and my belief in myself be where I draw my sense of worth and accomplishment from. In having this engrained sense of believing in yourself it creates an environment conducive to achievement as opposed to an environment conducive to doubt, fear, and disappointment.

I implore you to take a moment and consider where if you belief in who you are being or what you are doing.


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