Show Notes 6/26/12: Food Inequality: Dying in Urban Food Deserts

For those who have not yet gotten a chance to listen to last weeks show the first in a two part series on Food Inequality or if you would like to listen again the episode can be found Here


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Do you live in an Urban Food Desert?

Consider where you live. Can you buy fresh, skinless chicken as easily as ready-made fried chicken? Can you buy whole, raw potatoes as easily as French Fries or a bag of chips? Can you buy fresh tomatoes or only ketchup? If you answered no to any of these questions… you may live in a “Food Desert” even though you are may be right in the middle of a metropolitian area.

Food Deserts are large geographic areas with no mainstream grocery stores. Often, Food Deserts have ready access to fringe food, food high in salt, fat, and sugar. Many fringe locations also offer “quick meals” that are highly convenient but cannot support a healthy diet on a regular basis.

Food Deserts suffer worse diet-related health outcomes, including diabetes, cancer, obesity, heart disease and premature death. These effects are independent from other contributing factors such as income, race, and education.

          • The Urban Food Project – Based out of Birmingham, AL


Mapping DC Food Deserts 

Can America’s Deserts Bloom (Time Magazine)

USDA Interactive Food Desert Map

Seven Food Desert Myths

African Heritage Food Pyramid

Latino Heritage Food Pyramid 

Locally Grown

SHARE food program


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